Preparing for the Big Day (World Youth Stamp Exhibition)

The big day for Malaysian Philately is almost here. Some first timers (excluding the sellers) sent me quite a lot of questions. So instead of answering one by one, here is what you can do to prepare:

1. Bring lots of cash up to the amount of your budget. ATMs are at the lower levels, so you really should not bring too much. It will be a security issue.

2. Bring water! Bottled water in KLCC is expensive. If there is an event on L3, they will put out a water dispenser, otherwise….thirsty.

3. Bring some light snack. You might shop so much, you forget the time to eat. Anyway, food in KLCC is again very expensive.

4. Bring a large bag (those used by art students) with stiff backing boards to keep your sheetlets.

5. Bring a foldable bag in case your first bag is full!!!

6. Bring your favourite stamp catalogue.

7. Bring a light jacket. The convention centre can be quite chilly – or wear long sleeve.

8. Bring a foldable umbrella if you are taking the monorail. You need to walk a little bit to the link bridge that connects to the convention centre. If you are taking the Kelana Jaya Line LRT, the line stops underground at Suria KLCC. Look for the signs to the convention centre.

9. Wear comfortable walking shoes. You might be walking around and standing at the various stalls.

10. Bring some friends to help spread the queue. You cannot queue in all the stations alone.

11. Bring some scratch/rough paper to dry the cancels. Bank ATM slips are great!

12. Register for the event. Refer to

13. Remember the opening time is from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

14. Buy your Malaysian MS earlier from the philatelic bureaus before heading to the convention centre. Beats the queue. Anyway plenty to go around – just how much cash/credit do you have. I almost forgot…the small post offices will not have the MS (yet…).

15. Charge your smartphone and bring a power bank if you intend to contact your friends.

16. Decide where to meet p to go back if you all come in a group – time and location!

17. Bookmark this site or Follow for philatelic updates or just to connect.

Hope this helps you prepare.



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