The Big Day: 01 December 2014 (Day 1)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! The big day is here and thanks to the many who worked hard at making this event possible.

So what do we have here….

Day break and there was light queue in Shah Alam


and Kelana Jaya (picture courtesy of cscmy).


Only 5 MS were available: MS 2 to MS 6. I had to go to GPO KL to buy MS 1.

The scene in GPO KL was anger and loud voices as the main counters were closed and only the post shop was open. Only MS 1 was on sale. The other MS 2 to 5 were sold at the normal postal counters and those were sold out in a jiffy.

Due to the pressure of the crowd, by 10:05 am GPO KL post shop released the other 5 MS making a total of 6 MS. MS 7 is not available yet.

I finally reached KL Convention Centre after noon. The registration is at the entrance of Hall 2. A quick scan of my QR code photo in my handphone got me my wristband and passport.

My wristband:


If you want an extra copy of the passport just ask again when you enter Hall 2 at the scanning station.


Here are the participants.


There were a lot of keen collectors and resellers at the exhibition. This is the main booth when you enter. To the left is the Pos Malaysia counter and also PSM booth.


Towards the right as you go on is the event hall with something going on.


There were many familiar faces from around Malaysia and Singapore.. Here are the booths.

This is the most important station, i.e. the cancellation station. Beware of the cache and the exhibition cancellation – many got them mixed up!!! You have been warned

Look out for the designer autograph session. The timing is not announced. Today the designer for MS 1: Mr. Lim Kooi Yong made an appearance. Here he is busy signing some FDCs.

Lim Kooi Yong Designer MS 1

Here are the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) booths.



They are very fair in selling the stamps for the passport at RM 1.00 each. Their stamps are also very nice for thematics.

This is Pos Indonesia, definitely worth checking out.


They have an exhibition overprint MS and daily cancellations. Stamps for the passport is an affordable RM 1.00. Great products for everyone.

This is Taiwan. They have a souvenir envelope and a cache. The passport stamp is also RM 1.00. Very friendly group.


This is India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka rolled into one called India French (hint… they come from the French part of India – go read your history books). They have a package of RM 1 for the India stamps for the passport and RM 2 for Bhutan and Sri Lanka stamps EACH. Bhutan and Sri Lanka is not in the passport so you can use the Notes page or the last page which is blank.


This is Iran. The stamp price is fair at RM 1 for the passport stamps. They have very colourful and nice stamps too.


Meanwhile Stamperija represented 11 countries with a package price of RM 40 for 11 stamps from each of the country. Mostly African nations and Pacific Islands. Great for WWF collectors. Bring lots of cash – VERY expensive. You have been alerted!


They have very good selection of hornbill Overprint MS with the WYSE logo at RM 160 per set. There is also another set of 2 MS from Niger at RM 33. You need deep pockets and negotiation skills to buy these sets.

Here is Azerbaijan. The passport stamps is again at an affordable RM 2.00. Again some very nice thematics.


Here is Singapore Post. They have been very kind to update the photos on Facebook of the set up leading to the exhibition.


Here is a tip. They have the SG 50 overprint on the Singapore World Stamp Exhibition 2015 MS issued this year! Go for that! They also have a WYSE exhibition overprint MS on cover – another recommended item!!

Here are the dealers. I will check them out tomorrow.





I did not manage to take all the photos.

Hmmm, looking for Croatia? They did not come but they did send the stamps and cancellation to the PSM counter.

Just beside the PSM both is the agent for Bangladesh. He had the entrepreneur initiative to make caches for Netherlands and Belgium. Netherlands and Belgium is not in the passport. All the 3 countries stamps retails for RM 5 EACH for the passport! Expensive….

The Latin America countries are also represented by an agent with a retail price of RM 70 for 9 countries! So far most passport hunters skip it. They should be more realistic in the pricing.

UK agent is the best. They did not bring the Royal Mail special sheetlet. I think Royal Mail need to have a look at this. How can Royal Mail issue a special sheetlet for this occasion and not bring it? Mail order anyone?

In short, agent represented countries are very expensive.

Overall the exhibition is well organized and definitely worth a visit. Thumbs up for those who made this happen!

More updates on the items very late tonight.



5 thoughts on “The Big Day: 01 December 2014 (Day 1)

    1. Good point. There was no notice boards nor programme / agenda at the public areas. The announcements comes from the Master of Ceremony as it happens…..


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