Malaysia’s version of the ASEAN Community 10 Nations Pack

The Pos Malaysia’s version of the ASEAN Community 1o Nations Pack is on its way to the SODA members. This pack is made up of all the 10 ASEAN countries’ joint issue stamps. Limited to only 1 pack per SODA, it will be a much sought after item for joint issue collectors.

Here are the images:



The other countries that released the 10 nations packs are:

  1. Brunei
  2. Singapore
  3. Vietnam (various format)
  4. Philippines (not in a folder, just put inside a plastic protector)
  5. Thailand (limited to only active SODA with a minimum spend in Thaipex 2015)
  6. Indonesia

Conspicuously missing is the 100 Kyat Myanmar stamp which is only available in Myanmar. It was not released to the other countries’ packs.

Myanmar 100 Kyat

To read more about the ASEAN Community Joint Issue:


I have limited stocks of the 100 Kyat stamps (mint never hinged) which are my extras. If you are keen, it is on a first come – first served basis with priority for myfdc readers and regulars of this site. Contact:

The price is RM 8.00 with free normal mail (no tracking). Registered mail at RM 2.20 extra.

It is extremely competitive compared to online prices – probably the fairest in the market. I will not be bringing in more stocks.




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