Next issue: 09 October 2016: Community Postman (World Post Day)

Half way through the Stamp Week 2016, the next issue is already confirmed as the Community Postman in conjunction with World Post Day.

Today is the press conference for the World Post Day 2016 stamp issue in the Philatelic Bureau HQ.

This issue will be dated 09 October 2016, however it will be issued on 10 October 2016. Hardcore postally sent collectors should reach out to post offices that are open on Sundays. This should be quite easy especially since Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor will be selling on 09 October 2016 itself!

The Community Postman programme was started back in 2010 in Sabah and Sarawak. They ensure last mile connectivity to some of the most remote areas. As such the stamps featured the rough settings that the Community Postman had to travel to deliver the mail. This issue is a good recognition of the importance the Community Postman. The cancellation is the logo of the Community Postman.

There are 3 stamps:

  1. 60 sen: Community Postman on horseback frequently seen in the TV commercial – Kota Belud
  2. 70 sen: Community Postman on a sampan from the river interiors of Sarawak
  3. 80 sen: Community Postman on bicycle from Sarawak
  4. RM 3: Community Postman in the communal setting

This time the designer is Hazel Design.


1. Stamps (each value): 100,000 pieces

2. Miniature Sheet: 30,000 pieces

3. Empty folder: 1,500 pieces

Here is the poster:


The concordant locations will be:

  1. 60 sen: Kota Belud
  2. 70 sen and 80 sen: Kuching
  3. RM 3: Kota Kinabalu

Any suggestions or insights as to where is the location on 70 sen and 80 sen? Your knowledge is very much appreciated.

As in previous years, keep a look out for local celebrations and special postal items issued in such celebrations.


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