Let Us March On To Fame: The Road Home

Old Frees from far and wide has already made their way home early in the week. Those nearer started the journey today. Some will arrive on the day itself. Truly the march back to fame.

The school was all spruced up. The tents for tomorrow night’s dinner are up.

Here is the old Archive Room where the stamps will be sold.

Pos Malaysia is busy setting up the launching. The sales and cancellations will only be available after the launch. Thus it should be around noon. The counters will close at 05:00 pm.

All other post offices will sell at opening time.

Meanwhile, in the school hall, an exhibition on 200 Years of Penang Free School is being held from 19 – 21 October 2016.

Here are some information that you might need for tomorrow’s issue:

  1. Pejabat Pos Mini Taman Free School does not have any cancellations. 
  2. Pos on Wheels will sell the limited edition Setemku.
  3. Try and buy your stamps and Miniature Sheets first. Stick them, then come to school to cancel them after noon.
  4. Drop by the Penang Philatelic Society Stamp Exhibition to buy the exhibition cover. There is an exhibition cachet. I do not have the image. The society better remember to bring the cachet early in order not to disappoint the collectors.wp-image-2116490327jpg.jpg
  5. Car pool, public transport or motorcycle is best.

For those attending tomorrow night’s dinner, here are th e parking locations. You need the parking pass which is attached to your dinner ticket.



Check out “PFS Bicentenary Celebrations” Facebook for further information.

I will be providing periodic updates as when I have the “Free” time.

Have a safe trip home! Fortis Atque Fidelis!


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