Advance Son’s of Hutchings


There is a small lane, Argus Lane that connects a little known school today to the opposite of where the Penang Philatelic Society’s Exhibition is held in the old Star Building along Pitt Street.


On 01 January 1928, one of the oldest Primary School in Penang was founded, when the Penang Free School moved out from their building in Farquhar Street to Green Lane where Penang Free School still stands. The reason was that since Penang Free School had moved out, the building was then used as a primary school. The school was named after Reverand R. S. Hutchings (the founder of Penang Free School). It was a notable feeder school to Penang Free School. The school headmasters and teaching staff ensured a feel of “Penang Free School” atmosphere for the younger children. So much so, the school has a marching song as the school anthem.

The “old” Hutchings School is the current Penang State Library. The school has since moved to the back and set up a high school.



What has this got to do with the exhibition? The cover printed for the exhibition shows the old Penang Free School building. This is the building that was turned into Hutchings School when Penang Free School move to the current location in Green Lane.

Back to our topic, 22 October was the official launch date of the Penang Philatelic Society’s exhibition by Y. B. The Lai Heng. There is an exhibiton cachet at the exhibition hall. The only way to do postmarking would be to buy the society’s exhibition envelopes and affix with the Penang Free School Bicentenary stamps / Miniature Sheet. The society’s envelope features Dr. Wu Lien Teh as well as the Penang Free School (2nd location) / Huchings School (1st location) / Penang State Museum.


The dealers were up early to put up their goods. There were a good mix of stamps and coins. Here are the photos of the sales area.




You might want to join in the auction on 23 October 2016 at 02:00 pm for registered members.



As many old guards fade away, the Hutchings School anthem will go as well. Little is known of the song’s writer. Those who still remember the march, it goes like this:


Rally round the School, boys

Rally round, Rally round

Rally round the School, boys

Rally round the School




Standing in the air of glory

Glowing in the sun

Shining bright as every

With the good she’s done….


Advance Son’s of Hutchings

Hurrah for the School

We’ll do our very best

Our love will never cool


Ends with the Chorus


3 thoughts on “Advance Son’s of Hutchings

  1. I was there at the penang stamp exhibition on 22nd October morning, I might have crossed your path there but no way to know who you are ? Haha
    I just read from Penang philately society website that the Merdeka first day cover signed by Tunku Abdul Rahman (which you shown us here, or … Was it your copy in the auction ??) was auctioned in the fair, somebody bidded as high as RM1,500 but still below the hidden reserve price !
    Just sharing what I know here …..

    1. Hi Lewis,

      We must have missed one another. I was on my way back to Kuala Lumpur.

      I did not put up the Merdeka covers for auction. In my personal opinion, RM 1,500 would be far too much below fair valuation.


      1. RM1,500 still “far too much below” fair value ?!
        Bad news for novice collector ! 😩 Jia Lat !

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