Eastern Feast: Festival Food Series – Kadazandusun and Dayak

Pos Malaysia will bring us to East Malaysia for the next Festival Food Series. This is the second in the Festival Food Series. The first Festival Food issue featured Chinese Festival Food. This issue will feature some of the food in the Kaamatan (Harvest) Festival celebrated in Sabah and Gawai Festival in Sarawak.

The stamps and miniature sheet will feature the following cuisine (local names followed by rough translation in English). I have loosely used “Cake” as a translation for “Kuih” which is actually a local savoury pastry snack.

60 sen: Tuak (Rice Wine – Sarawak) / Lihing (Tapioca Wine – Sabah), Kek Lapis (Layer Cake), Tapai Pulut (Fermented Rice) and Kuih Jala (Net Cake)

80 sen: Ambuyat (Sticky Sago – Sabah) / Linut (similar to ambuyat and attributed to Melanau, Sarawak) – note: Ambuyat is usually attributed to Brunei local food

90 sen: Manuk Pansuh (Chicken cooked in bamboo) and Hinava (Raw Fish Salad of Kadazandusun, Sabah) / Umai (similar to Hinava and attributed to Melanau, Sarawak)

RM 5.00 MS: Kuih Penganan (delicacy in Sarawak), Kek Sarang Semut (Ant Nest Cake – Sarawak), Kuih Deran (Cake from Sarawak), Kuih Jala (Net Cake), Kuih Ros (Rose Cake), Kuih Lapis Pelangi (Rainbow Layer Cake) and Kek Lapis (Layer Cake) shown in the center of the MS

If you view the Borneo Island as a whole, it is very hard to separate the cuisine. There are local differences however there will also be similarities. Just enjoy the food and the stamps!

As usual an empty folder will also be on sale.

Here is the media preview.

The quantities issued are:

60 sen: 100,000 pieces

80 sen: 80,000 pieces

90 sen: 80,000 pieces

RM 5.00 : 25,000 pieces

Empty envelopes: 30,000 pieces

Empty folders: 1,500 pieces

Come join us for the next feast! Make a date on 16 March 2017. Your table is reserved!


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