Golden Jubilee of BERNAMA Setem Ku

The Malaysia News Agency (BERNAMA – an abbreviation of the word BErita NAsional MAlaysia) launched the 50th Anniversary of BERNAMA corporate personalised stamps (Setem Ku) on 08 May 2017. This stamp is not part of the Pos Malaysia stamp issue schedule thus it will not be supplied to the Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) members. The stamps can be bought directly from BERNAMA.

BERNAMA was set up under an Act of Parliament on 06 April 1967 (Number 19 of 1967, Pertubohan Berita Nasional Act) and was officially launched on 30 August 1967 in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of Independence by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj in Parliament. However, operations only began on 20 May 1968.

Each of the Setemku sheetlet contains 20 stamps and is sold at RM 30.00 per sheetlet. According to BERNAMA, a total of 10,000 stamps were printed (500 sheetlets).

The stamps can be bought on the 14th Floor of Wisma BERNAMA, 28, Jalan 1/65A, Titiwangsa, 53200 Kuala Lumpur.

Since the stamps are available before the grand celebration on 22 May 2017, it is still possible to commemorate the event using the stamps.


2 thoughts on “Golden Jubilee of BERNAMA Setem Ku

  1. Dear Sky, Would like your opinion on postmarks of “ Sept and Sep” on the first Penang bridge covers which you may have eluded before in which i may have missed. There was concern about forgery of the sept postmark cover, am i right? Thanks


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    1. Hi Dr Goh,

      I have replied to an earlier post on this question. I am sending you an email with some further details. Please check your email.


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