16 May 2017 Media Preview: 100th Anniversary of the Oil Palm Industry

Firstly I was just as confused as many others: Oil Palm or Palm Oil? Oil Palm refers to the Palm tree! Palm Oil refers to the oil from the Palm tree. So that clears up some of the confusion.

Thus the original text in the stamp schedule was more accurate as it refers to the celebration as the 100th Anniversary of the Oil Palm Industry as it is a celebration of the planting of the Oil Palm that made the industry. Here is a link to the earlier background on the centenary.

Today was the media preview of the products. As usual, it was well covered by the mainstream media.

The products and quantities to be issue are:

60 sen stamp: 250,000 pieces (various palm oil products)

80 sen stamp: 250,000 pieces (harvesting and collecting of fresh fruit bunch)

RM 1.00 stamp: 200,000 pieces (collection of fresh fruit bunch of the old era)

RM 3.00 Miniature Sheet: 25,000 pieces (fresh fruit bunch and fruitlet)

RM 6.00 Empty Folder: 2,600 pieces

RM 0.50 empty envelopes: 32,000 pieces

There will be a launching event in the Tennamaram Estate in Bestari Jaya (formerly Batang Berjuntai) by the Honourable Prime Minister in the late afternoon. Pos Malaysia will have a booth at the site offering a special cancellation with Bestari Jaya. The good news is that Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) members will also receive their FDC cancelled with the Bestari Jaya cancellation!


ps: For fans of Setem Ku, the Children’s Day Setem Ku has not been released. The upcoming Father’s Day Setem Ku has also not been confirmed. Here is the link to the original Setem Ku Stamp Issue Schedule: https://myfdc.me/2017/04/21/greetings-setem-ku-setem-ku-ucapan-stamp-schedule-2017


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