Next issue: 23 July 2018 Historical Museums in Malaysia

The next issue is planned to be released on 23 July 2018. That is just a week from the last issue (Telegraph Museum)!

This time the products are:

  1. 60 sen x 3 designs of stamps (Perak Museum, in Taiping, Sarawak Museum in Kuching and National Museum in Kuala Lumpur)
  2. RM 6.50 Miniature Sheet (Malacca History and Ethnography Museum, Admiral Cheng Ho’s Statue and Queen Victoria Fountain in Melaka) – a sandy feel on the Admiral’s statue
  3. RM 6.00 empty folder
  4. RM 1.00 x 3 postcard designs of the 3 museums in Taiping, Kuala Lumpur and Kuching
  5. 50 sen blank envelope

This issue is in conjunction with the national level International Museum Day 2018 celebrations to be held in Melaka on the same date (23 July 2018). The International Museum Day 2018 event is organised by Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM) and runs from 21 – 28 July 2018:

A media preview was held on 20 July 2018 with the items showcased.

The quantities issued for the products are:

  1. 200,000 pieces of each stamp design
  2. 25,000 pieces of MS
  3. 28,000 pieces of blank envelopes
  4. 5,000 of each postcard design
  5. 1,800 pieces of empty folder

Here are additional information:

  1. There will be an on-site Pos Malaysia tent at the Declaration of Independence Memorial in Melaka old city (near Porta De Santiago).
  2. A special cancellation with the words “Muzium Setem Melaka” will be made available on 23 July 2018.
  3. The tent will start after 09:00 am.
  4. The official launch by the Tourism Minister is at 8:00 pm at night.

Advisory: Prepare your covers before heading to Melaka Old City to join the fun and do postmarking at the tent. Expect hot and crowded.

Great news for SODA again! You will receive the same Muzium Setem Melaka cancellation.

Meanwhile anyone keen on another philatelic tour up north?





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