SODA Additional Order Form for Annual Album and ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet

Here is another service to the readers. In case you have not received the order forms, here is the order form for Standing Order Deposit Account members for the 2017 Annual Album (special price of RM 230) and the ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet (RM 10 per sheet).

The image on the back of the form.


  1. The 2017 Annual Album contains a different format for the YDPA sheetlet (vertical). 
  2. The ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet is limited to 10 sheets per customer.
  3. Order dateline is 10 October 2018.

Just print and email / fax your order. If you are deducting from your SODA, please ensure you have sufficient funds.

Updated information: 5,000 ETS Overprint sheets were printed.





4 thoughts on “SODA Additional Order Form for Annual Album and ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet

  1. Hi, Do you have any news if there is any overprint issue for the coming Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition or if POS Malaysia will be attending?

    1. Hi Casey,

      As I understand Pos Malaysia is planning the Working Animals overprint. Things can change. There has not been an official announcement.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Please update if there is an official announcement. Is this issue going to be available at post offices or just at the exhibition venue?

    1. Hi Casey,

      The overprint MS is issued in the exhibition and past practice has been to sell the overprint MS and recent years MS FDC to SODA members. Please refer to Baliphex 2018 and recents posts to see what it is.


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