One Step at a Time: 1000 Likes on myfdc Malaysia Facebook and 50 Followers!

myfdc is continuing to build the readership. The average page views is currently at 400 with over 1,000 for a hot stamp issue and 250 for a Public Holiday. Not too bad considering it was less than a digit of viewership a day in the first year! myfdc will also be crossing 625,000 page views by tomorrow!

Recently the Facebook news version of myfdc (myfdc Malaysia) just cross the 1,000 Likes (currently at 1,006). The Facebook version is a light version for dissemination of last minute information received from various sources on news of Philatelic Cover interest. Cover collectors are interested in the date and thus a quick dissemination of information is done via Facebook as yours truly need to drive and that does not allow me time to sit and write a decent news.

Meanwhile, the Followers on myfdc website has cross 50 persons (52 now). However there are now 368 email Followers (i.e. those who get the news immediately upon publication of a new post).

If you want to receive news as it happens, just use the Follow function. No Spam, Fact Checked and Information that you want to have.

They are small wins but meaningful. Thank you for the support!



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