Palindrome Date – World Post Day – Pos Silang 2

I guess the title sums it all. The next issue is supposed to be released on 09 October 2019 in the World Post Day celebrations. The date corresponds to a Palindrome date: 09-10-19 (09 October 2019 for those who use our dating system)

Well if the post office uses the long format 09 – 10 – 2019 it will still be Palindrome!

What is Palindrome? Read up here:

Meanwhile the World Post Day Stamp Issue topic will be Pos Silang 2. This is the second Pos Silang event. It is the Malaysian version of the Postcrossing where events are held for postcard enthusiasts.

The first Pos Silang event was held on 09 October 2017:

This time, the issue will comprise of (updated with images seen on Facebook):

  1. Stamps: 50 sen (Mount Kinabalu Post Box, Highest Post Box in Malaysia) and 80 sen (Tanjung Piai Post Box, Southern Most Tip of Asia)
  2. Postcards: RM 1.00 x 2 designs (Mount Kinabalu and Tanjung Piai)
  3. Empty folder: RM 6.00
  4. Blank envelopes: 50 sen

The images are still not available. The information can be obtained from your latest SODA statement.

Meanwhile sit back and relax and listen to “You are the Reason”, chorus, Calum Scott. If you are an oldie, maybe Shakin’ Stevens’ “Because I Love You”.


ps: Today – Happy 21st Birthday Google! How I found so much stamp information from you!

pps: Today – myfdc crossed 750,000 HITS! Yay! Thanks for the support and the readership!

ppps: 01 October 2019 is the 150th Anniversary of the First Postcard from Austria-Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Empire) History: (read about concordancy!) and the various events:

Hope Pos Malaysia can join in the fun!

It pays to read to the end!


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