05 November 2020: In search of Innovation

Finally the World Post Day 2020 stamp issue was put on sale today.  Here is what greeted me when I arrived, the 2 Pos on Wheels (POW)!

This is one of the few days that I came late. There was not much rush now that there are no more autograph sessions. This issue is designed by Encik Kamarul Ariffin (Rukun Negara and Putrajaya) of Pos Malaysia. There were very few people today. The items will be on sale for 3 days after the Conditional Movement Control Order is over. This is a kind and good move.

As the stamps are again in setenant, sticking is easy. Love it! So, after sticking and cancelling the stamps with the Kuala Lumpur special cancellation, it was time to look for Innovations!

First off is the EziBox! It can be found just one floor below the Philatelic Bureau. Though the stamp featured Petronas Sunway Tambun EziBox, this is how it looks like for the “EziBox @Kiosk E-Commerce Hub Dayabumi” business.

Since the Pos on Wheels were still around (far left of the photo) at nearly 10:00 am…

The BEST concordant cancellation is Kuala Lumpur as everything is here except…… now I need to have a decision point… sit and wait or go shopping? Shopping sounds more fun! Off we go!

I had to ask the information centre and apparently it is just below the information centre and far near the Basement 1 towards the parking at B1-015! Well, MyTown Post Office looks futuristic!

And……. I found the next innovation! Looks familiar?

I did try out the Pos Automated Machine. As we say here… canggih! Even the post office feels like a hip cafe to hang out. Thumbs up on then new look and redesign!

Then it was on a road trip to see if I can find the POWs! First stop in a regular place had a kind Rela officer telling me where I might find POW 1! Off I go on the lead…..

Yes after a nice drive….. I found it. POW 1 aka Pos Bergerak WPKL.

I was given the Amazing Race’s second clue but knowing the timing, I will not be able to reach the place in 6 minutes! Maybe go to the next destination where POW 3 is expected to be…..??? Okay, let’s do it.

I reach the place earlier than expected since it was just 17 minutes away. I decided to have a rare chance for lunch. It was then that I was caught in the restaurant unprepared as I left my brolly in the car! I am trapped…. ah well…. I have time to kill….

As the rain subsided, it was a decision to dash to the car, get my brolly and walk to the next destination knowing there is never enough parking but still near enough to walk to in light rain. My heart pounded with anticipation as I walked around the corner and into the compound. I was chest fallen as POW 3 was not there…. oh… it is raining! It is parked a little away under and awning! Smart and thoughtful!

Here is a quiz…..

Q1: Is the first stamp based on POW 1 or POW 3?

Q2: Where is POW 2?

My concordant spares are in the featured image. If you want normal FDC, you need to wait for my SODA spares.





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