18 November 2020: Date of Physical Sale of the Deepavali Greeting Setem Ku Personalised Stamps

Since November 2020 will not have an official stamp issue, I decided to continue my collection of Setem Ku Souvenir (sometime First Day) Covers.

I was the first customer in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office to buy the folder set and the loose Setem Ku Sheetlet. It was sold at the Pos Shop in the main hall. There were 2 other customers later on who bought folder sets.

This is how the folder set look:

I must say, the special die cut and printing effect on the folder and postcards are fantastic! I love the design. The frame type Setem Ku actually helps to enhance the aesthetics!

Then is was a challenge on how to stick the stamps onto the envelopes…..

Before you ask further…. NO .. there is NO Special Philatelic cancellation / cop!

Also… NO … NO separate sale of the envelopes!

(a) Purist using Setenant format

(b) Aesthetic using Block of Four format:

Either way, it looks really nice especially the choice of colours!

For Setem Ku, I have no spares. Cannot afford to make spares, only made to order.

Since I am not a postcard nor folder collector, I have them for sale. Message me is you want to buy.







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