Next issue: 29 December 2020 Tallest Tropical Tree in the World

The next issue is the world’s tallest tropical tree, the Meranti called Menara found in the Danum Valley in Lahad Datu, Sabah. As we already know this issue will comprise of:

  1. Single 90 sen stamp featuring the Shorea faguetiana winged seed in a sheetlet of 10 (buah seraya kuning siput) (250,000 pieces)
  2. RM 8 Miniature Sheet (vertical to feature to full splendour of the tree) (20,000 pieces)
  3. 50 sen blank oversized envelope (25,000 pieces)
  4. RM 1 Postcard (4,000 pieces)
  5. RM 6 empty folder (opens vertically) (1,500 pieces)
  6. Folder set

Here are some interesting things to note on this issue!

  1. The envelopes are LARGER than usual because the MS is tall and wider in order to keep the perspective.
  2. The envelop is VERTICAL too and opens at the top just like our large SODA deliveries.
  3. The folder also opens up VERTICALLY to reveal the Meranti’s full height! The folder is folded in 3 parts.
  4. You can easily make a composite FDC with both the stamp and MS on cover.

I must say this is a wonderful design to commemorate the tallest tropical tree in the world.

Read more regarding the tree in the previous article at:

The designer is Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates. However due to the current Conditional Movement Control Order in Kuala Lumpur, the autograph session will not be held.

UPDATED: SODA holders will receive the Lahad Datu cancellation according to the Philatelic Bureau. Thus this is the most concordant Philatelic Bureau Branch cancellation!

Other locations: Kota Tinggi (tallest), Taman Seraya (the name of the tree), Air Kuning Selatan (Seraya Kuning) and Hutan Melintang (Jungle). Any other suggestions?

The Miniature Sheet is embossed inside the tree trunk and the canopy leaves. The MS stands at 190 mm with the stamp of the tree at 180 mm. Tallest MS (and stamp) in Malaysia.



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