01 April 2021: A Visit Back to Childhood Memories of Radio and Television!

Collector’s log. Malaysia date and time.

Open log entry:

09:00 am: News of Pos Malaysia booth being set up across Malaysia except in Terengganu began to trickle in from sharing collectors…. I cannot get information from Kelantan.

Went to RTM Facebook waiting for the LIVE telecast and listened in waiting for the news of the stamp launch.

10:45 am: Stamps were launched! Nice!

11:02 am: Went Kuala Lumpur General Post Office to collect my Cattle Breeds in the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau.

11:48 am: Event booths in RTMs are confirmed and myfdc article was published. Was asked if I will head over to Angkasapuri. Checked the watch. Lunch time. Event must be over, maybe the booths are freer? Ok, why not try. Waze say 11 minutes away, traffic is light.

Waze say: “Let’s get started”….take a drive to Angkasapuri. Favourite Malaysian saying “On the way”.

12:12 noon: Requested permission to enter Angkasapuri to buy stamps. Security pointed the way to Wisma Radio. Here is how the instruction sounded… See that road.. Yes… Ok….Straight, right, left, left, right, then you will see the building! Errrrr…. ok… off I go with my badge. I did not know there are 7 buildings in the place. It is HUGE! The walk uphill was tiring…

Tents and Wisma Radio in sight! This must be the place. It is quiet, the event must be over. Great!

More tents! A good sign!

12:17 noon: Found the place and after asking around, found what I was looking for!

Hello Pos Malaysia event booth!

There were some RTM staff ordering the limited edition Setemku on site. The sale was quite brisk for the folder sets. An RTM Angkasapuri Kuala Lumpur cancellation was provided for the launch. Great news! This will also be provided for the Standing Order Deposit Account holders.

Here is the price list:

News from the other states have it that the RTM venue cancellations are “RTM state”, e.g. “RTM Kedah” and so on….. except where the state RTM did not hold an event. I could only confirm Terengganu but still could not confirm Kelantan. This is an exceptionally special history in philately as for the FIRST time, there are multiple event special cancellations!

It was then a walk down memory lane in the lobby exhibition of the history of RTM.

RTM did started with Radio Malaya and it was poignant and fitting that the celebration was held in Wisma Radio! Certainly my “Radio Gaga” moment.

I also had a chance to learn that this is Jabatan Penyiaran Malaysia! Some of the staff invited me to enjoy the food but I remembered someone was waiting back in the car park. Time to leave after buying ready made FDCs. I peaked into the folder and saw it was designed by Reign Associates.

On the way to lunch, I recalled that it was near the designer’s workplace.

02:05 pm: Fingers crossed and luck has it that Mr KY Lim was able to meet up. Since I had my Cattle Breeds in the car and now this, it was perfect to get them autographed. Great timing.

Beep – beep – beep…. can you send me the FDC postally? Huh? My postally used collection friends. Ok…. on the way.

04:10 pm: Arrived at the most concordant post office to send my postal mails.

Apparently a dealer has arrived earlier..,,,,

A quick Messenger, ok, FDC on the way. Hope it is ok.

Close log entry.

Truly a day relieving the time growing up listening to the radio and sitting with other kids in a well to do neighbour’s house to watch black and white cartoons growing up! Nostalgic? TV Pendidikan? “Hai Kwan-kawan…..: Cumi Ciki anyone?”

Here is a summary:

  1. The RTM Angkasapuri cancellation is available for Standing Order Deposit Account holders. If you are not an account holder, high time to be one
  2. General sales is on 08 April 2021.
  3. There are no posters. Posters are expected to be released on 08 April 2021.
  4. State RTM head offices have state RTM cancellations. Check with your local Philatelic Bureaus.
  5. On 08 April 2021, the Philatelic Bureau cancellation is “01 April 2021”.
  6. You can also buy online in Pos Malaysia website or sometime even on Shopee official Pos Malaysia store.
  7. Kuala Lumpur General Post Office cancellation will be “Kuala Lumpur”.
  8. So far Pos Malaysia has announced 2,000 folders were produced.

All times are MySejahtera APP times or Facebook time.



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