Be Nice to Your Neighbours!

Finally I had a pleasant surprise today in my mailbox (06 October 2021)! The World Post Day 2021 Mel Rakyat arrived!

Here is what I found out: Each residential household received 1 Mel Rakyat. There were none to Commercial / Business establishments.

So….. in order to be able to exchange Mel Rakyat with other friends from other states, you would need to have more than 1! Thus either you own a slew of addresses or you can ask your neighbours nicely if they want their Mel Rakyat! “Keluarga Malaysia”: It is rewarding to know your neighbours and be nice!

Here is a side by side comparison of the 2020 Mel Rakyat and the 2021 Mel Rakyat.

Here is a close-up of the World Post Day 2021 printings:

Reminder: It will be wonderful to match the upcoming World Post Day stamps for full concordancy!

Ok, now to visit my neighbours!



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