The Royal Visit 2017

The Royal Visit 2017

The Royal Visit generated a number of places of interest for philately.

In the Klang Valley, a nice match would be KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), where the Royal Airforce touched down. Here it is parked on the tarmac of KLIA on 03 November 2017.

Kuala Lumpur GPO would definitely be the postmark for the visit since it is the first place of visit. 2 other Philatelic Bureau branches of interest are Medan Tuanku (roughly translated as His Highness Place) and Putrajaya (Successful Prince). Combine it as Medan Tuanku with Putrajaya will get you His Highness Prince.

Not to be missed is the designer, Mr Shahrul Izhar. Here he is patiently autographing for all the collectors.

Here is the completed FDC set for Klang Valley:

Meanwhile further North, Perak was the next stop with 3 Philatelic Bureau branches of interest, i.e. Gerik (the nearest post office to Royal Belum), Taiping (War Cemetery) and Kuala Kangsar (Istana Iskandariah). A fellow concordant FDC collector has successfully completed this leg.

The next stop would be to Sarawak and Kuching GPO would be the best match as Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and Sarawak Cultural Village.

The final leg has started as the Royal Visit concludes in the Prince of Wales Island! Well, the island is now known as Pulau Pinang (Penang). The best matches are Pulau Pinang GPO and Butterworth Post Office (Five Power Defence Agreement / Royal Malaysian Air Force Base).

This pretty much sums up the places of Philatelic postmark interest for the Royal Visit.

To follow the Royal Visit, check out this link:

Anyone interesting to sell or exchange Royal Visit FDCs with concordant postmarks? Feel free to contact me.

Meanwhile, many were hoping to find the 2012 type of printing error. Hmmm…..

Keen to read the old William and Kate series of articles? Check out:




Pos Malaysia Media Preview on The Royal Visit 2017: TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

Pos Malaysia Media Preview on The Royal Visit 2017: TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

In a media preview today (31 October 2017), Pos Malaysia unveiled the salient points behind another eagerly awaiting stamp issue on the Royal Visit of TRH The Price of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and also in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the Bilateral Relations between the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

The Miniature Sheet features a photo by the famous Peruvian photographer, Mr Mario Testino taken in May and features the royal couple in the morning room of their London home, Clarence House. The photo was released in July ahead of the Duchess of Cornwall’s 70th Birthday.

The quantities issued are:

  1. RM 1.00 stamps of each design: 250,000 pieces
  2. RM 6.00 Miniature Sheet: 40,000 pieces
  3. Empty envelopes of 50 sen: 40,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders of RM 6.00: 2,500 pieces

The prices listed above are excluding GST.

The dates of sale are as follows:

03 November 2017 (Friday) in States other than those shown below
05 November 2017 (Sunday) in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor (Friday is a weekend)
06 November 2017 (Monday) in Perak (Friday is a Public Holiday in Perak)

This stamp issue is expected to be well received especially the royalty collectors from around the world. It is also the second time that Pos Malaysia has issued stamps on the British Royalty since independence. The first time was in 2012 in the now famous “William and Kate” stamp issue.

Meanwhile the British High Commission of Malaysia is expected to host a media conference on 01 November 2017. The royal couple has already started the tour of the region in Singapore on 30 October 2017 (Monday).

Here is an article in The Star: Note: The date of sale of the stamp issue is erroneously stated as 31 October 2017 which was actually the date of the media preview. The original news was a press release by Wisma Putra.

Updated 02 November 2017:

Based on the sketchy available news and the brochure, the relevant postmarks will be Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya on 03 November 2017, subsequently Taiping (Perak), Grik (Perak), somewhere in Sarawak, Pulau Pinang on the dates of visits or on the first day of issue. Relevant cancellations are Medan Tuanku (KL) and Queensbay Mall (Pulau Pinang).





Next issue: 03 November 2017 Royal Visit

Next issue: 03 November 2017 Royal Visit

The next issue is expected to be very well received. Already the Standing Order Deposit Account holders are lining up their orders.

The issue commemorates the Royal Visit of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. It will also celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations between Malaysia and United Kingdom.

The products are:

  1. A set of 2 stamps at RM 1.00 each
  2. A Miniature Sheet of RM 6.00
  3. A folder of RM 6.00

Here is the digital folder currently circulating online.

Check out the news on the Royal Visit via:


11 October 2017: Updated Malaysia Stamp Schedule

11 October 2017: Updated Malaysia Stamp Schedule

Here is another update. Looks like the 150th Anniversary Sarawak State Legislative Assembly has moved a bit later.

Those who are aiming for the Royal Visit of HRH The Price of Wales & The Duchess of Cornwall – 60 Years Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties Malaysia – United Kingdom can update their Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) instructions. It is expected to receive the same level of interest as the previous “William and Kate” stamp issue. However, since there is better preparation, everyone should be able to get this issue. You have been informed. Action? Top up and update your SODA. No SODA? Might as well open one 🙂


09 October 2017: Updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule

09 October 2017: Updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule

Here is the latest Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule. The visit of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be commemorated with a stamp issue.

On paper the year will end with 25 issues (including the Bandung 2017 Overprint MS).