SODA Order Forms for Definitive, Thailand 2018 and Stamp Week 2018

SODA Order Forms for Definitive, Thailand 2018 and Stamp Week 2018

Here are the various SODA Order Forms:

  1. 14 States Definitive with special matching cancellations:
  2. Thailand 2018 ETS MS Overprint and Exhibition Cover:   
  3. Stamp Week 20128 with all daily cancellations on 7 covers  

Start by downloading. Then print fill and scan and email or fax.


Next Issue: 04 December 2018 State Definitive Wild Orchids

Next Issue: 04 December 2018 State Definitive Wild Orchids

Finally the last issue of the year is confirmed! It will be the State Definitives featuring Wild Orchids. The date of issue is 04 December 2018. The issue will comprise of only Miniature Sheets. There are no full sheets of 100s nor SODA smaller sheets of 20s this time.


  1. Perforated Miniature Sheets: RM 1.55 (14 states)
  2. Imperforated Miniature Sheets: RM 5.00 (14 states)
  3. Empty folder: RM 8.00
  4. Blank envelopes: 50 sen

This complements the National Definitive issued on 21 February 2017:

This does throw a conundrum into the Federal Territory Garden Flowers Definitive with Micro text printing…. how long will the Garden Flowers survive? When will the state Wild Orchids grow in the local post offices?

Will we even get 14 state cancellations in the Philatelic Bureaus or will it be SODA Order Form again?

You better bookmark this article as the above gets answered… sooner or later…

Meanwhile, let me do some digging for the new plants.

Oh yes, the Wild Orchids were grown by Reign Associates (Mr KY Lim).

Latest update:

Pos Malaysia has clarified that:

  1. SODA regular order and Philatelic Bureau HQ (04 December 2018) will only get Kuala Lumpur cancellation.
  2. and SODA Mail Order will receive 14 states cancellations.

This has also been collaborated by a reader (Pei Yong): refer to comments below. Many thanks for sharing.

Updated 27 November 2018:

Here are the SODA Order Forms for the 14 States Definitive with matching state cancellations.


Media Preview: Kelantan Garden Flowers Definitive

Media Preview: Kelantan Garden Flowers Definitive

The next awaited issue is the Kelantan Garden Flowers Definitive. This will be released on 13 February 2018.

The denominations are 10 sen, 20 sen, 30 sen, 40 sen, 50 sen and 60 sen plus and imperforate Miniature Sheet of RM 5.00. The prices are before GST.

The quantities issued are:

  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces
  2. Miniature Sheet: 25,000 pieces
  3. FDC: 28,000 pieces

The great news is that SODA members will get the Kota Bahru postmark in addition to the setenant strip! Those heading to the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau will still get the Kuala Lumpur cancellation (not the Kota Bahru cancellation).

The designer, Prof. Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob, is invited to the autograph session on the issue date.



Updated 31 January 2018: Ornamental Fishes released on 30 January 2018

Updated 31 January 2018: Ornamental Fishes released on 30 January 2018

Will the fishes come out on 30 January 2018? Yes!, that is the information that I received. However this time there was no media preview.

The issue will feature 3 stamps and a Miniature Sheet.

  1. 60 sen – Harlequin Rasbora
  2. 60 sen – Pearl Gourami
  3. 60 sen – Mahseer
  4. RM 5 – Golden Arowana with Gold Foil effect and die cut
  5. RM 6 – empty folders

All prices are before GST.

The designer company is World Comms.

Quantities issued:

  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces for each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank FDC: 30,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders: 2,000 pieces

Updated 31 January 2018:

Yesterday saw a good response but not the sell out response like the Working Dogs issue. The focus was on the Golden Arowana and it came out tops with the die cut and Gold Foil effect! Everyone gave their two thumbs up for the MS design. The stamps were just as stunning.

Here is the scene on the opening of the Philatelic Bureau:

Mr Shahrul Izhar, the designer from World Communications Network Resources, came early to autograph the various products.

In addition, Pos Malaysia gave out packets of ang pows (Red Packets) for purchases of RM 100.

This is a very nice gesture and hopefully more can enjoy this freeby.

Some matching locations for this issue are:

  1. Tanjung Sepat for the Mutiara Sepat
  2. Locations in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Sarawak for the Mahseer.
  3. Simpang Ampat (Semanggol, Perak) for the Golden Arowana which is bread around Bukit Merah.

How was the response in your location?


Malaysian Batik Issue and the Additional Stamp Issues

Malaysian Batik Issue and the Additional Stamp Issues

The morning saw a beeline that stretched to the ATM machine at the end of the corridor. I am not sure if it was the interest for Malaysian Batik or the Chung Ling setenant release.

Counter 5 was the busy counter with almost all in the queue aiming for Chung Ling setenants. Most were armed with their friends’ friends’ friends’ orders and that created the unhappiness when it was sold out as the quantities were limited. It was the reverse for the Penang Free School and the Malaysian Currency Series 2 uncut sheets. There were more than sufficient especially the Malaysian Currency Series 2.

What really happened? I doubt anyone will have the real perspective – could it be the quantities were misconstrued, the allocation method, the really high demand and so one. Are there any balance stocks? More questions than answers.

The method of sale of the balance setenant sheets will require a re-look. It is hard for the out of Klang Valley collectors to come and queue. It is also hard for the Klang Valley folks to always come during the issue day to buy the setenants. Perhaps when the setenants become a standing order, then the demand will drop as many of the demand is investment in nature.

Meanwhile back to the Malaysian Batik issue (which is the main topic of the day), Mr Mohd Rizal bin Jasman (Reyzal Jasman) and Mr KY Lim came to autograph the various FDCs, Folders, Posters and Leaflets. They were patient and obliged to photo sessions with those who made the request. Here they are at the autograph session.

Meanwhile, the Father’s Day Setem Ku was also released at the Philatelic Bureau this morning. It was quite a rush to get it. This Setem Ku was overshadowed by the Malaysian Batik and the setenant sheet sales.

Incidentally today is also the Malaysian Airlines First Flight to Wuhan. Just a note for aviation cover enthusiast.


Malaysian Batik Media Preview

Malaysian Batik Media Preview

A media preview was held on 16 June 2017 for the Malaysian Batik issue on 20 June 2017.

The original batik cloth used for the design of the stamps were also on display. The batik designs were created by the Piala Sri Endon Batik Competition 2004 winner, Mr Mohd Rizal bin Jasman (Reyzal Jasman). The final stamp design is by Reign Associates.

The quantities produced are:

60 sen setenant stamps: 244,000 pieces

80 sen and 90 sen setenant stamps: 204,000 pieces of each denomination

Miniature Sheet: 30,000 pieces

Envelopes: 32,000 pieces

Empty folders: 1,800 pieces

Here are the products:

For detailed images, check out myfdc’s Facebook page at: