Royal Visit stamp issue updates

Hot off the press!

If you are following the stamp issue, here are the latest information:

2 separate stamps of RM 1.50 each will be issued. They are not setenant.

Each stamp is in a sheet of 10.

A miniature sheet of RM 5.00 is also issued.

Where available, the folder will be sold as a set (i.e. with completed FDCs, stamp sheets and miniature sheets all together).

The information might still change (just like the Unity Series 2 Folder which came out different than the banner visuals!).

Here are the early images:

The above will be issued on 13 September 2012, a little over a week from now.

If you are interested in the itinerary of the Royal Visit, click on the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

Keen to get a set? Contact me early by leaving your details in Comments or check me out in