Updated 04 August 2013: Other countries issuing stamps for the Royal Pacific Tour

I had some who asked, which other countries are issuing stamps. The Royal Pacific Tour covers Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. I guess some of you have just read these names for the first time. Stamp collectors are usually more familiar with these places. I sent enquiries to the other countries and here is the status (I will update if there is any new information):

1. Singapore

No stamps nor products to be issued. Here is the official response I received:

SingPost SinStamp (SingPost)  06 September 2012

Dear <sky52200>

We will not be releasing any products for this Royal visit.

Thank you.


<name of person>

Operations Executive,

Philatelic & Stamps



2. Malaysia

I guess you should have already picked up this series.  The stamps and miniature sheets were issued on 13 September 2012.

– 2 stamps (RM 1.50 each) – still available at Kuala Lumpur HQ (actually the only item left!!!)

– 2 stamp sheetlets (RM 1.50 x 10 pieces of stamps per sheet) – sold out

– a miniature sheet (RM 2.50 x 2 stamps in the miniature sheet) – sold out

– a folder (RM 5.50 empty or RM 49.50 full set) – sold out

– first day covers (RM 0.50 blank cover, RM 3.50 stamps on cover and RM 5.50 miniature sheet on cover) – sold out

3. Solomon Islands

Still no reply. I am still waiting.

4. Tuvalu

A commemorative set will be issued on 01 October 2012. Details of the issue has not been released but you can check out the news and order from Stamps of Tuvalu at cost plus postage. The detailed news is inside the newsletter.


Here’s the plan. If anyone of you is keen to buy the full set of Tuvalu issue, drop me a note. I plan to consolidate orders to lower the avearge cost of shipping. BE WARNED! Tuvalu takes a long time to send the stamps. The Philatelic Bureau need to wait for the shipment from Fiji! In fact a few of their recent issues has been delayed for quite some time. No need for payment at the moment. Register your interest (your email). I will keep a list. I will work out the cost then advise you if you want to proceed. My costings will be transparent as was the pre-order for the Malaysia Royal Visit issue. It will be cost of Tuvalu set + Tuvalu averaged shipping cost + RM 15.00 per order for registered post up to 6 FDCs (if you are overseas, I will advise the additional shipping cost), packing, handling and credit card transaction fees.

If Solomon Islands is issuing, I will organise the same pre-order.

Simple, no risk on your side until you decide to buy. Those who utilised the pre-order for the Malaysia Royal Visit issue is laughing all the way today since the price shot up through the roof!

Updated 24 June 2013:

1. Singapore finally jumped into the bandwagon  with a MyStamp folder on the Diamond Jubilee. Read about it here: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/singapores-hm-the-queens-diamond-jubilee-mystamp/

2. Finally on 03 May 2013, Solomon Islands via Stamperija issued the Royal Visit stamps! https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/solomon-islands-royal-visit-stamps/

Items still available:

1. Singapore My Stamp folders are still available (2 folders left).

2. Tuvalu set of FDC, Miniature Sheet and Stamp Sheetlet is available (limited balance stocks at close to cover price).

3. Malaysia set available in limited quantity (please check with me first on your requirements).

Updated 04 August 2013:

Solomon Islands finally issued the Royal Visit sheets. 2 series (of 2 sheets in each series were issued). I am not stocking up on these. Check the news at: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/solomon-islands-royal-visit-stamps/