UPDATED: A Walk in the (KLCC) Park! And another error??

I was pretty excited this morning. I made my way to KLCC Park in anticipation of catching a glimpse of HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I was not disappointed. I was very close but did not managed to shake their hands. The crowd was very organised and civil.

Here are exclusive pictures that I took.

Here is the royal couple walking into the park:

I was that close! (By the way it is not my finger in the photo!):

So there you are, exclusive pictures before it hits the news!

Did I say another error? Possibly. If you read yesterday’s posting Royal Visit – printing errors? I mentioned the emblem was changed with the following words “Royal Visit TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge“. Here is where I cannot figure out. I have tried searching the net for TRH. No luck. Could it be another error? TRH should be HRH? If yes, you better get your hands on whatever is out in the market first! The SODA customers will probably get the correct version making whatever is sold really one of a kind.

Anyone out there who knows who would like to share? No wild guesses please.

Okay, here is the visual of the sheetlet which is NOT released to the public. You can view this in the Stamp Gallery in Dayabumi.

As to the special cover with the 1953 coronation stamp, it has been snapped up. There was a lot of queries from others.

Here is my update:

POS MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur status:

Apparently the empty Folder was sold out by noon on 13 September 2012. I was not aware as I was still sticking my stamps. The Folder is worth keeping. That is an evidence of the original emblem wordings (you need to peel the sticker).

Stamps from the original print was made available on 14 September 2012 morning. There was a light queue. Sorry NO Miniature Sheets!!!

My side:

I managed to make a few special covers. These are the last of my stocks. (Remember I am not a dealer so I have only a few of each.). Most of my stocks have been snapped up on 14 September 2012 morning. Not surprisingly the special covers were all snatched up first. So here is the last chance.

KL plus KLCC cancellation on one cover: <Sold out. Only 6 sets known to have been made and sold in Malaysia.>

4 corner sets Unmounted Mint Stamps: <Sold out.>

Error sheetlets: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Rare-Royal-Visit-Prince-William-Kate-Error-Unissued-Sheetlets-MNH-Malaysia-2012-/281124828099?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item41745873c3

Please check “Items for sale” (left side column) at http://myworld.ebay.com.my/sky52200 or just contact me if you cannot find it listed.

If you are looking for anything special and could not find it, just drop me a note via “Comment”. I will see if I can search for the item you are looking for. No guarantees as this issue was extremely well received both locally and overseas!

Next round, I will give an update on any other stamp issues for this trip. Stay tuned. Better still subscribe as follower. I am keen to get to know more cancellation collectors.

Have a great weekend and Selamat Hari Malaysia (Happy Malaysia Day – that’s this Sunday!)!