Updated: 750 Years Melaka (Malacca)

Okay, now historians belief Melaka started 750 years back! Well, the text books still state the founding circa 1400. I need to go back to my books! Anyway in celebration of the 750 years, Pos Malaysia will issue a set of commemorative stamps and miniature sheet on 07 October 2012. Since 07 October 2012 is a Sunday, the issue will be on sale on Monday (08 October 2012). Here is the poster:

I managed to snap some pictures of the products and here they are:

Blank Folder: RM 5.50

First Day Covers: RM 0.50 + cost of stamps / miniature sheet

Stamp sheets: 50 sen and 90 sen

Miniature Sheet: A fancy 750 sen (RM 7.50!) Am I glad it is not 2000 Years!

I am really broke! (For your information there are another 3 series of stamps PLUS one state definitive to go until the end of the year!!!)

Here are the visuals:


Miniature Sheet:

I will not have a pre-order this time as I will be on assignment overseas. So I will ask my friends to pick it up and maybe if there is any extra, I will post in eBay.

In conjunction with the celebration, there will also be a National Stamp Exhibition in Balai Seni Lukis, Bandar Hilir, Melaka (near the Jalan Laksamana Post Office at the old city hall – Stadhuys). The exhibition runs from 07 – 13 October 2012. I was informed there will be daily cancellations (sorry cannot confirm this information).

07 October 2012: Hari Melaka 750

08 October 2012: Hari Raja Kira

09 October 2012: Hari Pos Sedunia

10 October 2012: Hari Komunikasi

11 October 2012: Hari Remaja

12 October 2012: Hari Perzim

13 October 2012: Hari Persatuan Filateli Malaysia

(A limited overprint will be issued – remember you got the information here first! Do me a favour and buy one for me just for my collection – anyone?)

So, if you really do not want to miss out any factual news, just “Follow” this website rather than bookmarking or Googling. I am also trying to network with collectors so we can exchange special cancellations from various states. This way we can build up specialised FDCs easily.



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