Mismatch in the website images of klia2

I believe the response will be that the images were drafts. If you look closely the envelope featured in the website is different than the actual issued. The biggest glaring mistake is the special cancellation is dated 14 June 2014!

Check it out: http://www.pos.com.my/pos/Files/upload/philately/FDCWS.asp?dateissue=24-June-2014



4 thoughts on “Mismatch in the website images of klia2

  1. Just to notify that some of post offices didn’t know that today is the stamp launch. I went to Rawang just this morning and they said that the sale of stamp can only be commence on tomorrow. So I decided heading to Dayabumi and voila!

    The consequences of last-minute change and miscommunication between main headquarters and its branches…..I am disappointed~

  2. Also, initially I want to raise a question up on what kind of special effect being introduced to miniature sheets. Since visually we can’t find any features such as glow in the dark and UV phosphorescence….until I rubbed the MS surface by fingers.

    Is it just me or something else, that the taxiways and grasses nearby felt rough? I thought it was intaglio but under the light proved me wrong.

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