Malaysia – China 40 Years Diplomatic Relationship Coins

It was a chaotic scene and sights unbecoming of a decent human being today at the opening of Museum and Art Gallery (Bank Negara). A good Samaritan tried to organise a queue with number being dished out. Everything was in order until an unruly group of old folks pushed those who queued since last night!

7:00 am arrives edged out those who queued from 9:00 pm the night before. The auxiliary police had their hands full trying to control the crowd. The regular queue jumpers were up to their same trick. However today must be the most chaotic of which is not fit to be published.

The crowd swelled to fill the hall.



Here is my 2 cents as a casual collector. Bank Negara should look at a queue system or an online ordering system. Bank Negara is the only bank without a queue system after so many years of issuing coins.

I think the rush for this issue is due to a triple demand of China collectors (yes, there was a China national who also joined the queue to bring back home!), coin dealers and stamp dealers. Stamp dealers can use the coins to combine with the Malaysia – China PSE and the August 2014 Panda issue (planned). Makes it rather attractive, doesn’t it?

If you want to combine with the Malaysia – China Philatelic materials:

1. Rare folder – cancelled in Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur:

2. Malaysia – China Pre-Stamped Envelope cancelled in Putrajaya:

The 2 piece set was sold out at about 12:45 pm and shortly after the 3 piece set. The silver single piece was sold out by 03:00 pm. There was a surprise find of a box of 3 piece at about 02:00 pm. The staff thought it was the silver or gold box and what a surprise when the box was opened. So those at the end of the queue managed to get 3 piece sets! The coin dealers who was still sitting downstairs waiting for their runners to bring the goods quickly rushed to join the queue with only a few getting a few boxes. That was quite a windfall for the latecomers. I think it was fitting as these people queued properly and were edged out unfairly.

Anyway for collectors who wish to buy loose coin cards or other pieces, I am offering bids from cost price. You determine the end price.

Coin cards: <sold out>


Set of 3:

Good luck!




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