Hong Kong – Malaysia Joint Issue: Local Food

Hong Kong Post issued the stamps and covers today (09 October 2014) while Pos Malaysia has postponed the date of sale to 17 October 2014. However the postmark will still be 09 October 2014.

Hong Kong denominations: HKD 1.70, HKD 2.90, HKD 3.70 and HKD 5.00

Malaysia denomiations: 4 x RM 1.40

I noticed that the official image has the postmark in Malaysia without the local name (normally it will be Kuala Lumpur). It is only written as Malaysia.

Here is the image of the joint cover.

Local Food


By the end of the day, the joint covers (as above) and miniature sheets are sold out. The FDCs and MS FDCs were still available. However after today, it is Hong Kong Post’s policy not to see the covers anymore. This is a real FIRST day cover.

I am excited to wait for my order to arrive.



6 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Malaysia Joint Issue: Local Food

    1. I do not have any information on if they will make an envelope that fits the MS or if they will trim it like the Forest Issue last year.

      I guess we either continue calling or wait until the day itself.


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