The Day After: 02 December 2014 (Day 2)

Today, let us check out the other “missing” countries in the passport as well as search out any gems missed out on the first day. Also on the agenda is to check out the dealer’s stocks. Oh, yes, on top of the list, to get the exhibition cancellations for the second day.

But first and update on the Miniature Sheets ….. all the 6 MS is not on sale in KL Convention Centre exhibition hall! Mak Yong (MS 7) is still not available.

The smaller post offices have received their stocks of MS 2 to MS6! The branch Philatelic Bureaus outside of the Klang Valley have received the stocks of MS 1 to MS 6.

Back to the review of the dealers:

1. PSM and Posshoppe with My Setemku


They are always crowd favourites. Here is a tip: Drop by PSM and buy the huge exhibition card. It can be folded in half.

Buy old stamp sheets from Posshoppe. Some really good oldies are on sale. Today you can find the Imperf Year of the Dragon 2000! The Millenium Imperf sheets are also on sale! They command a very high price today. Here is your chance to grab it at face value!

My Setemku has ready made sheetlets and personalised Setemku for this event. I prefer the read made. I suggest that Pos Malaysia continue to have read made Setemku. Not all of us like to be on the stamp.

2. Pearl Traders


Fair pricing, good value – you do know him ☺?

3. Trigometric


Good value for old covers. Worth checking out. Priced RM 5 upwards for Malaysian FDCs. Check them out in Amcorp Mall too – their own outlet. They are specialists in Numismatic and mostly China philatelic material. Join as a member and get 5% off!

4. Yes Gee Phil


If you want postal history and you have time to browse, check them out. Gems hidden amongst the stacks. Even some experts are busy diving in. Get plenty of Empire Exhibition cacheted commercial covers here. Check the condition first!

Tip: They have a South India cancellation for your passport! Passport stamp at RM 1.00. There is no sign indicating this. It might be a good idea to put up a sign for the passport cancellation hunters.

Here is an event for the students to search for hidden answers on the exhibition.

“Do you understand English? If you do …… put up your hands.”

A handful of hands goes up.

Master of Ceremony interjects and translates to Bahasa Malaysia and almost all the hands goes up. 🙂

“The questions will be in English.”

That did not deter the determined students from joining. Good luck! Off they go on their hunt!


3. Philately & Jomsristamps International


Bangladesh stamp expert with daily datestamping! Get the Belgium and Netherlands cancellations here.

4. SM Stamps and Bank Notes


For nice specialist items, check out SM. What is the mannequin head doing there? Try asking him.

5. Tristan Brittain / Eddie Foley Tematics


You can find a host of passport cancellations here. Seems to have an endless number of people who seems to be rummaging through the stocks.

Sadly the designer Mr Tan Ah Ee left after an interview in the morning. Despite repeated mis-announcements, no one really could tell that he was not returning today.

The best announcement came at about 03:20 pm.

“The designer will be here at 03:00 pm.”

Hmmm, maybe he should have a look at the time. Perhaps 03:00 pm tomorrow?

A group of fuming collectors waited until too late with no updates from anyone. It turned out the designer is not coming back today…. wasted time??!!!??? Maybe it was good for philatelic bonding 🙂

6. US Agency


A regular supporter in the philatelic world, lots of bargains. Should check out this stand. My personal favourite.

By the way, opinions are my own and I am not paid by any of them. You get the news as it is.

More updates tomorrow.





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