Crossed Mid-Week: 04 December 2014 (Day 4)

I am surprised it is already Day 4. So far it is a pretty decent exhibition. Today I will check out the other dealers and the exhibition!! Yes, now that the stamps and covers are pretty much done, the exhibits are next on my list.

The first thing you will notice today is that the MS is a tad big larger than the other MS in the series. Here is how you might be able to stick the MS on your passport.

Larger MS WYSE Day 4

I did not have as much time as I would have liked to have. I have not checked out the exhibits yet, gosh, it is already Thursday.

Mr. KY Lim is back at a little over 01:00 pm to sign the covers. He will not be here on Friday. So get your covers signed quickly.

At the same time, there is a philatelic talk.


A bit too technical for me on the guidelines of the exhibits.

At about 02:30 pm, Mr. Rosnan Abdul Rahman made a cameo appearance! It is truly an honour to see him. For the uninitiated, have a guess from this photo.


There is always something interesting happening here.

In the latter part of the day the Exhibition Catalogue was released by the registration counter. I thought it was too late. It is a great catalogue with very interesting write-ups. I like the section on our very own space covers 🙂


Drop by again for more updates later today. Meanwhile, I will prepare a special write-up for those coming on Saturday on what to prepare for the next big day – probably bigger!






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