ISC Standard Stamp Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei 30th Edition

The 30th edition will be the last edition to be produced by International Stamp and Coin. It was a heavy feeling with nostalgia as I remembered saving my pocket money for my first copy. I still have that copy.

So how did the 30th edition fare? I cannot imagine a Malaysian philatelist without The ISC catalogue. It has been part of us for so long and the pricing in the catalogue is fair. The information is just enough.


This edition saw the entries for Malaysia up to 17 April 2015.


This is decent enough.

However the Brunei section ended on 09 October 2013. I would be better to have been at least beginning of 2015.


The Singapore section was more up to date ending on 05 June 2015.


The other sections were roughly unchanged. The booklet sections were updated as well.

I wished that ISC would do a final updated edition for our postal stationery. That would tie up the loose end nicely.

Overall another masterpiece. You should buy 2 copies. One to use and another as collector’s edition!

If you need a copy at a special myfdc reader’s price, just drop me a note.


14 thoughts on “ISC Standard Stamp Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei 30th Edition

  1. Maybe next time steven tan should publish his catalogue once a year coz we got many issue of stamp in a year, almost 1 issue in every 2 weeks.

    Better also if he publish separate catalogue for the 3 nation stamp. So the catalogue will become cheaper n give option who collect only 1 country stamps.

    *pm me the (kawan-kawan) catalogue price…hehe.

    1. Sadly, I have almost zero knowledge on stamps. I only focus on FDCs. I think right now SM’s catalogue will be taking over. However that catalogue is more on the post Merdeka issues and the pricing is much higher than normal market rates.


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