Into The Lion’s Den and Back

Finally reached Singapore 2015!


Now where is the registration counter…..

Found it! I am number 2 sticker.


Pos Malaysia’s counter is at the back of the hall. The PSM counter is just next to Pos Malaysia.


Here is Mr. Mak processing the PSM covers.


The much awaited Giant Panda MS folder was sold at SGD 7.00!!! It will be sold at RM 9.00 back in Malaysia via SODA order form! So that will be a long wait but significantly lower price.


There were 2 official envelopes released by Singapore Post whereas PSM issued a souvenir envelope at SGD 1.00. I managed to get the original Giant Panda envelopes and the Singapore version of Giant Panda envelope.

Here are my covers:


The Singapore Post counter is perpetually jam packed at all times. Queuing took about one hour. Singapore Post gave out water bottles and many staff came to take orders and went off to get them for those queuing. Great work!


Here is a row of daily posting box.


By closing time the queues in the sales counter and postmarking station were still snaking. Singapore Post is kind enough to clear off everything. I finally exited around 07:00 pm. I want to record my sincere thanks to Eddie and Clifford without which nothing much would have come out of the long queue!

It is time for me to say good bye! Time to go home.


Well, keep a look out for the SODA order form if you want to order the Giant Panda overprint MS. That should be out after the exhibition is over.


ps: I am in the queue….which one???


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