Updated 12 September 2015: Mosques in Malaysia – 50 Years Masjid Negara

The queue was light in GPO today. The special cancellation was only available in the National Mosque.


It was off to the National Mosque. The booths were all ready at the carnival.


However the cancellation cannot be released until the opening ceremony is over. This was the same at the Bank Negara booth. Pos Malaysia is at booth A6 and Bank Negara at booth A5.


Here is the poster of the coins.


The sale started at about 11:45 am. By 01:30 pm the queue was quite short and bearable. The midday sun has tapered off.

Pos Malaysia had a nice surprise of a postcard by the Philatelic Society of Malaysia with an image similar to the inside of the folder. The surface was waxy thus the ink does not adhere well.

Mosques of Malaysia Postcard

I want to thank 2 FDC collectors who helped in the queue. It really cut down the time we have to spend at both booths. It made the walk seems so much shorter, the wait more pleasant and the muhibah so much more meaningful.

For those who want to buy coins, make sure you head over to the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery on 28 August 2015 and not to the exhibition site. However, Pos Malaysia will continue to be at the Masjid Negara exhibition. They will be there until late into the night (the exhibition closes at 10:00 pm).

Updated 12 September 2015:

After a lot of collaborative help from various parties, the various cancellations are finally back.

1. Pulau Pinang

The image on the cover is near the General Post Office in Penang. However the Bangunan MARA post office is the nearest.

20150827 Pulau Pinang Mosques in Malaysia

2. Kota Bharu

I chose Kota Bharu over all the other cancellations as the set will match with the others which are basically bureau pictorial cancellations.

20150927 Kota Bharu Mosques in Malaysia

3. Masjid Tanah

The namesake of Masjid Tanah makes it worth the effort. Loosely translated as “Mosque of Soil” as the original mosque was built from the soil of the river.

20150827 Masjid Tanah Mosques in Malaysia

4. Alor Setar, Kota Kinabalu and Masjid Negara

This is the most concordant of all with each of the postmarks matching the respective stamp.

20150827 Alor Setar Kota Kinabalu Masjid Negara Mosques in Malaysia

This took quite some time but time well spent.



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