03 February 2016: Traditional Dance Series 2

This is a preliminary information. The image has been circulating on cyberspace for a couple of days now, thus ut us not really a scoop.

There will be 5 x 60 sen stamps for the second issue this year. The issue will feature the Traditional Dance.

Traditional Dance Series 2

Here are a list of matching cancellations for the respective stamps.

1. Cempaka Sari Dance – Best matched with Kuala Kangsar. The dance originated from Perak. An alternative cancellation is Kampung Melayu Subang.

2. Ribbon Dance – thus far I cannot find a really good match. I am open to suggestions.

3. Odissi Dance – Brickfields

4. Magunatip – Keningau (Murut (Kwijau / Kuijau) dance)

5. Rejang Be’uh Dance – Kuching (Bidayuh dance)

As with all preliminary information, it is subjected to changes until final confirmation by Pos Malaysia.

I heard there is a special item for SODA again! Curious??? Hint: Look carefully at the background design.

Care to dance?



3 thoughts on “03 February 2016: Traditional Dance Series 2

    1. Thanks for the tips! I have checked JKKN before. They tend to refer to dance troupes and places where the dance might be taught. The Ribbon Dance was listed as Cheras!

      Kota Samarahan, Kota Marudu and Tenom are very good matches.

      Hmmm, still trying to find the ribbon….


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