26 January 2016: Monkey Business

The queue started as early as 05:30 am today! It was fortunate the group lined up their bags at the door before the situation becomes chaotic. Anyway, by opening time, the queue was about the end of the corner. Not too bad but definitely not a record breaker. Last year’s queue was longer. Those in front were the hardly seen speculators. One old man was directing his lackey (poor fella had no clue what he was doing) on what to buy, etc. and began amassing multiple queue numbers once the first round is done. Since his group are elderly, they hedged both the normal queue and the senior citizen queue.


There were grouses around on the RM 3 miniature sheet being offered only through SODA. Many were caught with insufficient balance. The expected rationing (limit) actually materialised. Each person is only allowed to buy 5 pieces of the RM 6 miniature sheet.


A table was prepared at the side with the designer’s name Mr. KY Lim. He arrived quite early, after 09:00 am and started autographing envelopes, posters, leaflets and even on the stamp sheets!

20160126 Designer KY Lim autographing

After a few merry go round queues, I managed to get what I wanted. It was also thanks to a few friend who helped out.

I was more interested in cancellations, so I was off to Kuala Selangor! The traffic was decent and I arrived in good time to be greeted by monkeys!


The Kuala Selangor Post Office still have some miniature sheets left and there was only a couple of persons making FDCs.


Finally I am done for the day and it was time to head back!


20160126 Monkey Setemku FDC

How was the situation in your location? Good business or monkey business?

ps: Did you notice that the stamps show the Monkey 2016 red square seal? This make it the first official Lunar Year stamps of Malaysia! Previously the indications were all on the miniature sheet or the selvage of the sheets.








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