Next issue: Most likely Places of Worship Series 2

The next issue will most likely be Places of Worship Series 2. This is stated in the latest Standing Order Deposit Account statement from the Honey Bees in Malaysia stamp issue.

The issue date is written as 11 May 2019 which is a Saturday and thus unlikely to have any sales. The sales arrangement has not been informed, thus just wait for the official information.

Why 11 May 2019? This issue corresponds to the 200th Anniversary of St Georges Church, the oldest Anglican Church in Southeast Asia! The church was was consecrated on 11 May 1819!

Reverand R.S. Hutchings was instrumental in the founding of the church. Reverand R.S. Hutchings was the founder of the Penang Free School. Penang Free School celebrated her Bicentenary in 2016 with a stamp issue that re-sparked the interest in school themed stamps.

Incidentally, one of the former sites of Penang Free School is located next door in the form of the Penang State Museum and the Hutchings School!

Based on the latest Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) statement, the issue will comprise of 5 designs of 80 sen stamps. Further details have not been released.

It is also understood that the church will release a cinderella.

A folder set can be ordered using the order form.

Stay tuned for further information on the designs and sales arrangements.

Here are some additional references on Places of Worship Series 1 stamp issue:

Meanwhile, to fill your philatelic past time, plan you visits to relocating post offices.


ps: Anyone planning a philatelic trip to Penang?