30 September 2019: First Day of Collection of the KDYMM YDPA XVI Coins in Bank Negara Malaysia

Today was the first day that Bank Negara Malaysia released the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XVI coins for collection to those who were successful in the balloting for the coins.

Those who chose to collect in Kuala Lumpur were required to go to the Bank Negara Malaysia Head Office Kuala Lumpur and NOT Sasana Kijang as in previous issues.  Open Google Map and look for: “BNM Link & CCRIS Kiosk” building.

The coin cards came in a different format of a coin card in a sleeve. It looks very classy.

Here is the inside of the coin card.

There was hardly anyone in the afternoon. It was noted that those from the same family were able to collect on behalf. The staff checked that the addresses on the Identity Cards are the same. So in case you registered the whole kampung’s (village) names, you will have a hard time to get all with the same address! It is good if you have a huge family under one roof! Tell me if you manage to collect for those without the same address. It will be interesting for those who registered their Sons, Uncles, Brothers, Parents, Grandparents and In-Laws on how they organised the collection.

The first batch collection is from 30 September 2019 – 04 October 2019.

The second batch collection is from 07 October 2019 – 11 October 2019.

I am not aware of the third batch. Anyway, hang in there, those who did not collect will probably see their allocation released for balloting again just like in the past. So no need to hurry unless you are really desperate.

So finally I have my match with my matching FDC:

How is your situation in the other Bank Negara Malaysia Branches?