Updated 02 August 2019: Added Kuantan and Pekan updates: 31 July 2019: Day of Sale of KDYMM YDPA XVI Stamp Issue

Today’s queue for the KYDYMM YDPA XVI stamp saw a higher respond. At opening time there was already 36 persons at the queue. Some numismatic collectors and runners were seen as this issue can match with the upcoming coin release by Bank Negara Malaysia.

The designer, Mr Shahrul Izhar, came early and patiently autographed stacks of products patiently through out the morning. He even has a time for a TV interview!

The most concordant location in Kuala Lumpur would be Kuala Lumpur and Medan Tuanku. Medan Tuanku is becoming popular as I spotted many runners and dealers heading there. I guess myfdc made it popular for any royalty issues 🙂 !

Here is the semi-finished project:

How is the response in your place?

Need poster? Unable to get a folder?

I have spare posters, Miniature Sheet and autographed folders. Contact: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Updated 02 August 2019:

1. News from Pekan and Kuantan:

HOT! Quick update is all (MS, envelopes, folders) sold out except some stamps. Pekan has some folders left but please call before going over.

This reporting was from a reader and avid collector: Lan Chun Yi direct from both post offices! Many thanks!

2. News from other post offices:

Mostly folders and MS sold out.

3. Eziemall:

Eziemall still had stocks yesterday but moments ago when I checked, it was stated as Out of Stock (6:00 pm, 02 August 2019): https://www.eziemall.com/pertabalan-kdymm-seri-paduka-baginda-yang-di-pertuan-agong-xvi

You can also click to be notified when Pos Malaysia replenishes the stocks.



5 thoughts on “Updated 02 August 2019: Added Kuantan and Pekan updates: 31 July 2019: Day of Sale of KDYMM YDPA XVI Stamp Issue

  1. Folder and Envelope sold out at GPO Shah Alam by 8.45am.
    Last heard at 9.30 am, even MS also sold out.

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