Next Issue: 06 February 2020 Malaysia Calligraphy Series 2

The next issue has just been confirmed by Pos Malaysia via their teaser video:

As usual, do wait for the final final final media release.

In reality, stamps are a technical subject. Teasers are really not necessary. Stamp collectors need to plan out the arrangements and match designs to e.g. postcards. Teasers will work if e.g. the company is selling the next hot gadget (handphone). I recommend Pos Malaysia to return to the old days of releasing technical information, quantities, design and designers at least 2 weeks before the issue date. This will greatly help the collectors to plan out and increase Pos Malaysia’s sale! Win – win situation.

The Calligraphy stamp issue was originally planned to be released on 20 January 2020. This information was printed inside the Standing Order Deposit Account statement from the December 2019 Carvings and Craft issue.

Thus we know that there will be 3 stamps and an MS. The values would have changed by now (i.e. not according the the SODA statement). The design was supposed to reflect the Lunar Series. Expect a really good design.

The calligraphy will be similar to the format of a Malay, Indian and Chinese calligraphy styles. Perhaps we will be able to meet the calligraphers again? Maybe some familiar faces.

Hopefully the rat will be out of the flower garden soon or collectors will fly away.

Now to apply leave.

Meanwhile, here is the first calligraphy issue:



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