28 September 2020: Latest Updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule

Today, Pos Malaysia released a revised Stamp Issue Schedule dated 25 September 2020. Tomorrow’s stamp issue is postponed.

Amongst the major changes are:

Moved later:

  1. Malaysia Day is moved to be on sale on 14 October 2020.
  2. World Post Day will be moved to 27 October 2020.
  3. Frontliners moved to 17 November 2020.
  4. Johor State Government Constitution moved to 03 December 2020.
  5. Durians will come out on 17 December 2020.
  6. World’s Tallest Tree moved to 10 December 2020.

Moved earlier:

  1. Stamp Week move up to 27 November 2020.
  2. Batik comes out earlier, a day before Christmas on 24 December 2020!

Unchanged: Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA Special Edition Series 4

Alright, you know the drill…. update your own calendar.




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