12 October 2020: Date of Sale of Putrajaya and UKM Coins

Reminder, today is the day that Bank Negara Malaysia opens the ordering for the Putrajaya (and UKM) coins. You can order to build Philatelic Numismatic Covers.

As predicted, order at: https://duit.bnm.gov.my/

Do not use your old login credentials. You need to start afresh. Just select the number of coins you want to order and then fill in your delivery address.

Did you read wrongly? Delivery address????

Yup, Bank Negara Malaysia will now deliver the coins. The delivery notice will be announced on 12 November 2020 which is also the date the draw results are announced.

Bank Negara Malaysia is using Pos Laju for the deliveries.

Here is how it looks like if you order the maximum of everything. As you can see, each item is limited to only 1 piece with the Nordic Gold at 5 pieces.

If you look closely, the delivery cost is a whopping RM 177.15 if you order everything!

How to bring the cost down?

I explored various combinations to see how the delivery cost is calculated. Here are my findings:

  1. Cost for 1 item is RM 11.81
  2. Cost for 5 Nordic Gold is RM 59.05
  3. Cost for 10 Nordic Gold (5 Putrajaya and 5 UKM) is RM 118.10

Thus you can see, the more you order, the heavier it is and thus the higher the delivery cost.

The cost is actually decent for those who are staying far away from a collection branch. However it will be prohibitive for the resellers as they now cannot bring the whole gang’s Identity Card to collect personally thus saving a huge overhead.

So there you have it.

Closing date of ordering: 30 October 2020

Good luck!


Ahh… if you read to the end… here is a tip how to save on the delivery cost…. do not order the maximum 5 Nordic Gold.  The cost drops A LOT!




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