A New Catalogue for Malaysia Miniature Sheet collectors!

A new catalogue for collectors of Malaysia Miniature Sheets made its way into the market on 17 November 2020. This catalogue was the brainchild of Mr Low Joo Hiap, an avid Miniature Sheet collector and life member of the Philatelic Society of Malaysia who started the catalogue project back in 2015.

Please note the photo above belongs to myfdc and has been stolen to be used by various resellers.

The painstaking process to collect the information, document the various watermark and notes for 5 years paid off when the catalogue is ready this month (17 November 2020 was the release date).

What is special about the catalogue?

  1. It is specific on Miniature Sheets including Setem Ku Miniature Sheets!
  2. The information for each Miniature Sheet and Overprint has been documented for easy reference.
  3. The unissued Miniature Sheets have been catalogued with notations.
  4. The errors and varieties are also documented.
  5. Details such as watermark, designers and size are included.

Here is an extract of a page:

I particularly liked the notations which brings each “unique” issue to life.

The catalogue ends at 50 Years Rukun Negara issue and the Setem Ku MIniature Sheets.

How can you get a copy?

Please support the writer directly rather than go through middle men.

Whatsapp the writer Mr Low directly at: +6011-10871033

The retail price is RM 38.00. No myfdc does not sell nor earn a commission.

Note: Copyright of the extract pages belong to the publisher Koleksi Benua Indah and Mr Low Joo Hiap.



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