Closer look at the recent Personalised Stamps Setem Ku “Klang Towards City Status” Folder and the “TM Piala Malaysia Cup” Folder

I have finally obtained both folders in my hand and I must say they are gorgeous!

  1. Klang Towards City Status

The folder is a hefty RM 100 and it does not disappoint. Fans of loka made will find the images refreshing and well worth the artwork. The covers are random and the folders are serial numbered.

Here is the video:

2. TM Piala Malaysia Cup

The football fever is back! Well locally and internationally. I wonder if there will be a World Cup Setem Ku???? It will probably be cool to coincide with the event.

The folder has the usual envelopes and postcard in addition to the Setem Ku Sheetlet. However the image on the envelope was too big to enable the setenant strip of stamps to be stuck nicely without obscuring the image.

Here is the video:

Did you know that Pos Malaysia issued a Centenary (100 Years) of Malaysia Cup stamps last year (2021)? The cup was won by Kuala Lumpur FC! The irony is that before there was a Kuala Lumpur FC, it was actually Selangor. Selangor continued to hold the record for the most wins! I wonder who will win this year?

Finally Pos Malaysia FB also copied myfdc approach for a full video of the products rather than the teasers.

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