Updated: Tuvalu Royal Visit (confirmed visuals and details)

The visuals have been confirmed for 01 October 2012 Tuvalu stamp issue to commemorate the Royal Visit to the island. It was actually released on 18 September 2012 but orders are open only today (26 September 2012).  If you are keen to pre-order, please check out the details below <pre-order is closed earlier as the miniature sheet is no longer available>. It is quite expensive and will burn a hole in my pocket to complete the Royal Tour of the Pacific collection.

Miniature sheet:




Please note the actual product image might still be a bit different (lesson learnt from the Malaysian Royal Visit issue!).

I have received confirmation of the following products being issued (subjected to availability):

Dear <sky52200>,

The stamp issues Royal Visit was released on the 18 September 2012 for sales; available in a
s/sheet @A$3.50 , a sheetlet @A$6.25 and a s/sheet FDCover @A$4.00.

Also please find attached is our checklist for your information.


Manager <removed>

<Order closed due to Miniature Sheet being sold out. >


11 thoughts on “Updated: Tuvalu Royal Visit (confirmed visuals and details)

  1. hello i would like to get a hand on this Tuvalu set of stamps .. both first day cover and full set in mint condition .. also in presentation pack if available … my email address is .. thanks ! 🙂

    1. Dear Daniel,

      I will keep you informed when Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau opens the order and advise you the total cost. This is the draft visuals. I will post the final visuals once it is confirmed. There is one thing you need to know, Tuvalu takes quite a bit of time to send their goods (you can read in their website). I will keep you posted.

      Thank you for your interest!


      1. Hello,

        Thanks so much for the info given and there are a few things i might need to know before i can make any decision ( 😀 ) :

        1. The design of the miniature sheet is it the one with orange background ?
        2. The sheelet is it the one with 5 different stamps with a nice Tuvalu beach backgorund ?
        3. Is it only FDC with MS available or can we actually go for those 5 stamps on FDC too ?

        Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon 🙂

      2. Dear Daniel,

        You are right. I have updated the visuals with the labels.

        1. Yes, Miniature sheet is the orange stamp.
        2. Sheetlet is the 5 different stamps on one sheet.
        3. Only MS on FDC is available. I have asked the Philatelic Bureau, they do not produce a Sheetlet on cover for this issue. The MS-FDC will be made separately for email orders as it cannot be ordered online at the moment. It depends on stock availability.

        Thanks for the questions.


  2. Thanks so much for the prompt reply !! I’ll let you know my final order through email later today !!
    Thanks again !! 😀

    1. Hi Daniel,

      The Miniature Sheet is sold out. Thus the MS and MS-FDC will not be available. This was updated by Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau.

      If you want to proceed with the Sheetlet, just drop me a note.


      1. oh wow that was fast!! alright then perhaps you just help me to get 2 pieces of the sheetlet will do .. thanks alot 😀

      2. Sure, I have put in the order. No need to bank in payment yet. I will wait for Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau’s confirmation first. Seems like another hot issue on the island!

      3. ok i’ll wait for your updates then .. obviously the world is crazy about this pair of royal couple 😀 thanks alot 😀

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