Updated: Stamp Week 2012 visuals (and overprint MS) and Kedah Royal Stamp Exhibition

Well, I am not actually a fan of SetemKu, so I tend not to include into my mainstream collection.

If you want a special title block FDC, check this out: Title Block FDC

Thus that leaves 2 more issues until year end! Both issues will have some sort of stamp event tied to it.

Stamp Week 2012 issue on the cartoon Boboi Boy!

Certainly the cartoon is popular, so I guess that will be a good stamp week topic. The event will be held in Setiawangsa in AEON Jusco from 19 – 25 November 2012. I will probably drop by on the last day to collect the cancellations just like in previous years. There will surely be stamp dealers and Pos Malaysia sales booths.

Another Stamp Exhibition! This time in Kedah on 17 December 2012. I will be on vacation at that time and will buy from the stamp dealers. Kedah is also a bit out of the day (about 7 hours of driving with rest stops within highway speed limit door to door)!

As usual in Malaysia, the dates and events are subjected to change!

Woodpecker issue? Well, it flew to next year!


Here are the posters and visuals of the stamps and miniature sheet (including an overprint miniature sheet).

(1) 60 sen setenants (total of 6 stamps)

(2) RM 5 miniature sheet with foil stamping

(3) RM 5 overprinted miniature sheet!

(4) Folder at RM 5.50

(5) Blank envelopes at 50 sen each

Another overprint? Well, I think this year is an overprint year (quantity and actual overprints)! Here is the image of the overprinted MS:

Perkumpulan Filatelis Indonesia will also be issuing commemorative covers and daily cancellations!

This will be another expensive issue.

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