Updated: Postman’s Uniform

Here is the poster visual for the upcoming Postman’s Uniform issue.

If you are keen and want me to pick up a set for you, drop me a note here or order through eBay <order closed>. If you want folders, drop me a message. Folders are not guaranteed.

Updated 22 October 2012:

The crowd was light today. Stamp issue fatigue I guess.

This issue was actually switched with the Melaka 750 issue as the Melaka launching ceremony was moved up earlier. Had it been the original schedule, there would have been a better crowd as most of us have spent a tidy sum on the 750 sen miniature sheet (plus overprint!).

I have a liking for composite covers whenever all the stamps and miniature sheet fit into the same cover. Just so happen this time they all fit! So here is what I made:

Items available:

(1) Composite FDC. One left. Sorry cannot make more. No more envelopes!

(2) Empty folder. <Sold Out> I will give you a free poster (folded) with the purchase of the folder. I have only 1 piece of folder for sale. If you want more, please contact me. Only way to get a folder now is to try your luck at the Philatelic Bureau. Only limited number of full sets are available. It is an indent item – try your luck!

(3) Title Block. <Last piece of my current stock> Seems that the Philatelic Bureau has stopped tearing off the title blocks as too many customers are buying only the title blocks leaving the other part of the sheet untouched! Without any envelopes, the loose stamps are of not much interest to collectors. Well, you got a bargain if you have bought early!

Apparently the demand for folders and FDCs from Pos Malaysia was higher than collectors. I suppose from the employees 🙂

Melaka 750 Overprinted Miniature Sheet

By the way, the Melaka 750 overprint order form for SODA members has not been released yet. Going by this way, I suppose you will only be short of overprint on FDC. So if you are going to just fill up the gap, just buy the overprint on FDC.

Stamp Week 2012

Well, we can take a break (and recharge the RM) until Stamp Week. I heard it will be in Berjaya Megamall and in the week of 19 November 2012. Nothing firmed up yet so look out for updates. Thinking of Bukit Bintang: Traffic nightmare! Shudder! Confirmed the Stamp Week will be held at AEON Jusco Setiawangsa from 19 – 25 November 2012. A bit out of the way for me again.



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