Next issue: 20 March 2018 Electric Train Service (ETS)

The next issue is on the Electric Train Service provided by Keretapi Tanah Melayu. The products are:

  1. 60 sen featuring ETS Class 91 and Ipoh Railway Station – 200,000 pieces
  2. 60 sen featuring ETS Class 92 and Seremban  Railway Sation – 200,000 pieces
  3. 80 sen featuring ETS Class 93 and Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station – 200,000 pieces
  4. RM 6.00 MS featuring ETS Class 93 with the route (Padang Besar – Arau – Alor Setar – Sungai Petani – Parit Buntar – Taiping – Kuala Kangsar – Ipoh – Tanjung Malim – KL Sentral – Bandar Tasek Selatan – Kajang – Seremban – Pulau Sebang / Tampin – Gemas) – 30,000 pieces
  5. Blank envelopes – 28,000 pieces
  6. Empty folders with the route shown on the inside of the folder – 1,800 pieces

The Miniature Sheet is a trained shaped die-cut with spot varnish. This should appeal to the unusual stamp collector.

The designer, KY Lim from Reign Associates have been invited to autograph this issue.

Anyone interested to take the route for another epic philatelic journey?



4 thoughts on “Next issue: 20 March 2018 Electric Train Service (ETS)

  1. Another train-themed stamp release. This one I really like it especially when KTMB Class 93 is in it. Thanks for the pricing information – the Pos Malaysia FB page pictures too blurred for me to see the denomination and it’s very hard to do some budget planning.

    Somehow I confused – Class 92 as ETS? If they are, very rare. Only if there is a shortage of proper ETS trains of Class 91 and 93, especially during festive season where the excess demand came from.

    Or ETS referred in general as any train service utilizing electrical propulsion in Malaysia? If so, the older Class 83 should be included too, hehehe. And I guess this is second time I’ll see Class 91 featured in stamps since the last in 2010.

    1. Thanks for the insights! The information is really useful. In the brochure, Class 92 is stated as being reserves for festive season. There are 25 of them being used for KL Sentral – Ipoh and Ipoh – Batu Caves.


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