Palindrome Date and Some Updates for Tomorrow’s World Post Day

Well, have you managed to drop by the Post Office during lunch time? Today has a nice Palindrome date of 8.10.18 or 81018. Reading from left to right and right to left will be the same. Some call it radar.

Meanwhile, here are additional information to help you navigate tomorrow’s various special cachets and cancellations:

  1. The special first day of issue MCMC cancellation in MCMC Head Office is available from about 10:00 am.
  2. The launch by the Honourable Minister Gobind Singh Deo (Minister, Communications and Multimedia) will be at about 02:30 pm.
  3. There will be special cachets in Johor Bahru General Post Office, Mersing Post Office and Pekan Nenas Poslaju Centre.
  4. My quiz close tonight at 07:00 pm. Read:

See you all the various post offices tomorrow!







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