Crossed 700,000 views and a giveaway!

Reminder, random number will be picked later tonight (Malaysia night). This is a reminder if you want to join.


Oh, dear, I overlooked the view count. I know myfdc was reaching 700,000 views and today when I checked it has crossed 702,000 views!

When myfdc first started out it was just to catalogue down the concordant FDCs of Malaysia. I have slowly added sections on Exhibition Covers, Commemoratives, Flight Covers and so on. There is also a section or specialised Articles on topics that appeal to certain specialised collectors. There is even a section on “Errors” though I have not had time to update it for quite some time.

I have put tags for the following thematic collectors: Birds, Unusual, Insects, Pitcher Plant, Trains, Animals, World Post Day, Joint Issue and so on. I have noticed the bird and pitcher plant collectors are much more active.

I have added an option to help non-Malaysian collectors buy the new issues (or back issue) via

If you have any further…

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