Latest updates 08 August 2019: Looking forward to 08.08.2019 ASEAN Post Joint Stamp Issue: National Costume

I decided to move a head 2 weeks (yes only 2 weeks away!) with less than a week to go to look at what is coming up for the ASEAN Post Joint Issue on National Costume. This was triggered by the Myanmar sheet and I had a feeling it is not so much a joint issue but rather a similar themed issue.

So kicking-off the first image that came in courtesy of a Myanmar collector.

Acknowledgement, my friend from Myanmar. The news is that a huge cover will be issued. Thus the FDC set will be on 2 covers.

Next that came up was Brunei.

Acknowledgement: The image is from Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog:

Coincidentally Singapore Post released their stamp bulletin and here is the Singapore issue. Note: It is released earlier than the others on 01 August 2019 and also available during SINGPEX 2019! Hmmm….not really joint date of issue?


A kind hearted FB collector then share the Cambodia photo with me.

Acknowledgement: Mr B.L. from Malaysia.

Laos image, also from B.L.

Acknowledgement: Mr B.L. from Malaysia.

There are also perforated and imperforate Miniature Sheets.

Indonesia image.

Thank you yo kind sharing friends. G.K. from Singapore also sent an image. Many thanks for the support!

Pos Indonesia also produced an ASEAN mint stamps folder set.

Thailand image.

Acknowledgement: Khun Thapanaphong Laoain from Thailand.

Here are some draft images also from Khun Thapanaphong Laoain. Please note since these are drafts, it might be slightly different in the final release.

Philippines image.

Malaysia image.

Pos Malaysia’s image was surprisingly available from Thailand. Pos Malaysia finally released the product listing. Pos Malaysia will release 1,000 ASEAN full set of mint stamps folder set later on.

Vietnam image.


I will continue to update as the information becomes available from kind hearted collectors. Drop me a note and image if you come across any useful information, e.g. date of issue, MS, Imperf, etc.

Please inform me if you want your full name to be acknowledged or just an abbreviation.

For the older ASEAN Joint Issue news:

2017 National Flowers:

I still have the Vietnam mint stamp pack (this is the most complete stamp pack for the issue) plus the Malaysia mint stamp pack.

2015 ASEAN Community:

I still have the most complete set of FDCs including the MS and the harder to find cancellations.

The 2015 Laos FDCs and Myanmar FDCs are still available plus the Singapore spelling error stamp pack:




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