18 August 2020: Updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule Programme

The strange thing about philatelic news is that they tend to agglomerate and come out at the same time thus not giving us much time to digest. So, we have here an updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule Programme. Time to update out diary again. You know the drill!

Let’s see what do we have this time:

  1. Putrajaya Iconic Buildings – new title (originally Unique Architecture) and I suggest adding an (s) to building as it should be more than 1 iconic building.  Interestingly the issue date coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of Putrajaya! Refer to: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2020/01/01/putrajaya-celebrating-silver-jubilee-with-year-long-events
  2. Malaysia Day 2020 – Caring Malaysia (Malaysia Prihatin) – a refinement after the motto for this year’s celebration was released
  3. Frontliner – interesting factoid…. the designer is Encik Kamarul Ariffin again! (Designer of 50 Years Rukun Negara)
  4. 125 Years of the Establishment of the Johor State Government Law is the constitution of Johor and was promulgated on 14 April 1895 by Sultan Abu Bakar in Istana Besar Johor Bahru. It was then gazetted on 14 September of the same year.

The rest of the stamp schedule are amendments to the dates. So, do some housekeeping and block your calendar.

Your thoughts on the new schedule?



2 thoughts on “18 August 2020: Updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule Programme

  1. Looking forward on the next stamp release, I’m preparing for it.

    Just wondering if the date of release fall on Saturday, is it still open for public sale? Assuming I’m heading to Dayabumi GPO in the first place before heading to Putrajaya for the next cancellation.

    1. If you noticed, Pos Malaysia printed in red the date of sale. It is very very very rare for Pos Malaysia to sell on a Saturday in Kuala Lumpur except when it is a temporary counter set up for a launch event.

      See you in the next issue!


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